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Family Drug Abuse Intervention

Family Drug Abuse Intervention must be tailored to the individual. If you’re considering a family drug abuse intervention, talk to an experienced Family Drug Abuse Intervention Specialist first at:800-980-3927

Get the answers you need. Learn how to successfully plan, stage and perform a family drug, alcohol and/or mental health disorder intervention.

We develop family intervention strategies, provide family intervention tips, discuss family intervention solutions, assist with family intervention treatment options, offer family intervention counseling and comprehensive family intervention help through all phases of a person’s recovery.

Ending The Dilemma

When families come to us seeking help for a loved one, there have usually been previous attempts to get their loved one help. They may have confronted the person about the problem and were met with minimization, defensiveness, hostility or illogical thinking.

Sometimes their loved one admits they have a drug alcohol, eating disorder or mental health problem, but never does anything about it. Short breaks, tapering off periods or momentary glimpses of stabilization can convince them and those around them they now have control.

With relapse comes greater disappointment and the potential for more harmful repercussions. Although every family situation, level of destructive behavior and personal account is different, there are some common manifestations.

Treating The Person

Most addicts, alcoholics and people experiencing a mental health crisis need professional care to get them started on a path to recovery. Without it they are doomed to follow the same pattern of destructive behavior and failure.

Becoming adept at manipulating others, convincing themselves this time will be different and exhausting those who try to reason with them is not uncommon.

An individualized assessment, specific plan of action and focused approach that deals with your loved one’s particular situation are key components of our overall strategy.

Necessary Measures

Working together as a team is the most effective way to approach a loved one who won’t get help. Selecting appropriate participants and knowing how to respond accordingly when talking to your loved one is essential.

A skilled interventionist uses various techniques to dismantle the layers of denial that prevent your loved one from accepting help and committing to a program of recovery.

If someone you care about is telling you no, I won’t go to treatment, I don’t need help or the problem isn’t that bad, you are in the right place. We Can Help!

We are The Nation’s Leading Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Intervention Service Provider. We assist friends and families with the help and support needed to effectively get a person of concern into treatment.

Our track record of success has provided real hope, positive change and indispensable help to thousands. More than two decades has been spent developing strong relationships with a multitude of other service providers, advocates and volunteers who share our vision for recovery.

We are one of the most respected and competent intervention service companies in this country. Let us show you how to overcome denial, resistance, minimization and unwillingness.

Along with staging professionally structured interventions, we provide a continuum of care to reinforce recovery. Our Intervention Service includes: a comprehensive consultation, pre-intervention meeting, tailored approach, thoughtful strategies, expert guidance, placement assistance, immediate escort to treatment, ongoing support so your loved one successfully completes treatment and has an effective aftercare plan to prevent relapse.

Additionally, we include the names of up to 10 families we have helped. They have kindly agreed to be contacted regarding their experience with our service.

Finally, we are insured, credentialed, and continue CEU training to exceed professional industry certification standards. It is our philosophy that when someone is suffering from addiction and/or a mental health related issue, wisdom compels us to take proactive measures to help them before something inevitably worse happens.

Our commitment to providing you with unparalleled assistance is rooted in the fact that we too have suffered the devastating effects these untreated illnesses can inflict. We realize this is a difficult situation you are in.

We also realize you have tried and attempted solutions to end the addictive and/or mental health crisis. Calling upon the right intervention specialist can substantially increase the odds that your friend, co-worker or loved one finally accepts help.

Fact is, there are only a handful of top interventionists who really know what to do when situations aren’t text book or don’t go according to plan. That’s what sets them and us apart.

Finding the right intervention specialist is the most important first step to ensuring the person you care about receives proper health care. Families, and friends are encouraged to reach out to us.

Trying to manage an addiction and/or mental health related condition without professional assistance can be potentially fatal. Addiction and mental health crisis situations are complex and often pose challenges when it comes to the person accepting help, being properly diagnosed and following treatment plans.

Aligning yourself to a qualified professional who understands the serious nature of addiction, recovery phases and the mental health related components many sufferers experience is critical. Among the many dangers of not getting the person you care about into a treatment program that best fits their needs or addresses dual diagnosis, bipolar, trauma, etc is relapse. Active addiction amplifies underlying co-occurring disorders so that sobriety must indeed come first if the inflicted individual is going to have any hope of getting better.

The other side is that untreated depression, anxiety, mania and such can trigger relapse. Performing an intervention is too important to risk. Before approaching your loved one with an intervention, consider consulting an experienced intervention specialist today at: 800-980-3927

Carmine Thompson, CAC, CIP
Founder, Intervention Specialist

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