Billy Baldwin

Billy Baldwin is an Outreach Coordinator and close personal friend of Intervention Allies founder, Carmine Thompson. He saw the frustration Carmine experienced working for others in this specialized area of treatment and listened as Carmine expressed a desire to bring families a straightforward solution. Out of necessity to provide a high standard of care, Billy watched Carmine launch one of the most competent and respected intervention services in this country.

It was because of the emphasis placed on compassionate care, competent support and professional assistance he saw families receive time and time again that he decided to become a part of the team.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Missouri State University, Billy is deeply aware of the sensitivity involved in working with various population groups. A graduate from the Santa Monica School of Healing Arts, he operated his own successful business to bring healthy balance and restoration into the lives of others. Employed by Starwood Cooperation for over 30 years, he has extensive work experience throughout the hospitality and service industry.

Quite familiar with the problems surrounding untreated addictions and mental health related disorders, Billy is encouraged to have an opportunity to make a significant difference in this epidemic. He is responsible for ensuring families are provided with placement options that best suits the needs of their loved one. By meeting with and researching programs that offer quality care at affordable prices, his knowledge about treatment centers is vast.

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Carmine Thompson

Listen to Carmine Thompson, BRI II Intervention Specialist on audio.

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